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13 mm ID Air Bushing

13 mm ID Air Bushing

Part Number: OAV013MB

Our air bushings are used in spindle and linear applications. Due to their convenience and power, these are a great method to attain linear motion and deliver high-performance results in your applications. 

Input Pressure 40 psi - 100 max psi 
Porous Material Carbon 
Pressure Port Threads M3 x 0.5 
Lifetime Infinite 
Radial Load Max 42.5 N (9.6 lbs) 
Radial Stiffness 11 N/μm (.06 lbs/μin) 
Pitch Moment Max 0.8 N-m (7.5 lbs-in) 
Bushing Inside Diameter (ID) 13.018 mm + .005/-.000 
Bushing Outside Diameter (OD) 23.67 mm + .13/-.00  
Bushing Length 50.80 mm 
Bushing Weight 32.5 g 
Recommended Shaft Outside Diameter (OD) 13 mm + .00/-.02 (g6) 
Flow Rate 6.12 SCFH

13 mm ID Air Bushing

SKU : 013MB

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